To the children of Africa in the diaspora who rob their brothers of empathy.

Cape Coast, Ghana

Agadez, Niger

Door of No Return

One forced into ships.

The other voluntarily on foot

One tossed in the Atlantic

The other braving the Sahara

Into slavery

Into prostitution

Into abuse

And many into death

Yet my brother calls me lazy.

In far away comfort he says I refuse to work

I keep trudging till the sand meets the sea.

For my eyes could not see

The opportunities that my brother ran away from

Luckily, in an airplane

Emem Andrew’ 2021



Thank you for this article. I think it re-emphasized the need to understand first before seeking to be understood. As an immigrant with children born in the USA, I see their struggle to fit into the African American culture and still live up to the Nigerian expectations which in some cases seem to be at variance with their reality. Luckily they do have it easier than you did. DNA tests and return to Africa tours, year of return to Ghana etc has sparked some interest among their classmates. Some are now openly contemplating trips to West Africa. Enjoy your stay in Nigeria; hope you are not "totally spoilt " before you get back to the USA :)